Elevator wraps are graphic prints that adhere to either the outside or the inside of elevator doors or the inside walls of an elevator. They’re also sometimes applied to the floor and ceiling of the space to create a fully immersive experience. Elevator wraps that are applied to doors are sometimes also called elevator door skins. These wraps are a unique and effective advertising tool for a few reasons.

In a nutshell, here are the unique advertising advantages that elevator wraps offer:

  • Exclusivity: Elevators covered in a wrap typically won’t have multiple advertisements competing with one another — elevator wraps are able to monopolize this prime advertising real estate.
  • Captive audiences: You can be sure your ad will have a captive audience since there isn’t much else to demand a person’s attention when they’re waiting for an elevator or riding the elevator to their destination.
  • Microtargeting: Since elevator ads are tied to a specific physical location, you can target your intended audience geographically, either generally by region or by the specific building.
  • Creativity: Elevator wraps also give your business the opportunity to design especially creative ads that catch elevator riders’ attention and make a lasting impact.


One of the neat things about an elevator ride is that you never know who you might find yourself standing next to. It could be an executive in your own company or in the company you’ve always dreamed of working for. This ride is your chance to pitch your innovative idea, which could be your in for your dream position. Or you could find yourself standing next to a famous publicist. Now is your chance to pitch your unpublished novel. DPI Creative NJ is your on stop shop. Design, Print & Install. NJ Elevator wraps

No matter where you live, work or travel, you’re likely no stranger to elevator rides. Elevators are everywhere — in hotels, hospitals, office buildings, apartment complexes, malls and more. There are about 900,000 elevators in the U.S. today. They’re a convenience to some and a necessity to others. Kids often enjoy the ride and the opportunity to see buttons light up. However, when most adults think of elevators, they’re likely to think of waiting for the door to open, awkward rides with strangers and cramped quarters.

The good news is that businesses have the opportunity to improve the experience for elevator riders and effectively market themselves to these consumers. This opportunity is found in elevator wraps. Let’s take a look at what an elevator wrap is and how it can benefit you as well as consumers. We’ll even go over how to properly apply an elevator wrap so that you can get the perfect results. DPI Creative

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